UiTM! Please Accept Me!


So, it's about time to make a great move. I couldn't turn down the 'tawaran' intake, as the fees is reasonable for a pathetic lifeform such me. Moreover, I've been granted a transfer credit (Pengecualian Credit ,PC), because what I know from previous senior, what you learn in diploma, you don't have to take it again in degree. As far as i being told, I should start my degree in semester 3. Alhamdulilah!

By the way, I've been accepted into School of Chemistry. Chemistry is my life, and always. The more you learn more about chemistry, The more you get to know the Creator.

But with my pathetic Essential Tremors (ET), scoring a perfect score in exam should be difficult, compared to the diploma. Oh well, doctor said my ET may cause my brain efficiency to decrease to 60%. So, I should double or triplet my effort toward achieving a good score in exam.

I heard UiTM Shah Alam is a big campus! hmmm

O Allah, I should ask your help now. Give me strength; in term of physical and mental, so I can achieve success with my own effort and your BLESS!

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