7 Top Question With No Answer

Wondering, what will be happen in my life?

In 5 years?
In 10 years?
In 15 years?
In 20 years?
and So on...

Diagnosed to have Essential Tremors, I DO have too much time thinking of question with no suitable and concrete answer. 

1.Can I survive?

2.How should I managed myself in the future?

3.Can I go to work after I graduated?

4.Will somebody marry me?

5.Is my tremors can be cure? Do the illness have suitable medicine?

6.How much do I suffer?

7.Is my financial status is stable?

O~ Allah. Your know what is the best things to do for Your humble servant. Please guide me to your righteous path. Save me from deteriorated path. Give me physical and mental strength. So that I can endure it, Once and For All..

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