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I always read random blog. Why? because random is not a mainstream yet. Go to google and type random things. When I found a post that I like, I read the whole post and the whole blog. I didn't follow them because I am too lazy as sloth to click follow blog button. Random reading was done to kill my time. One more thing, Googling random blog especially from Malaysia is very challenging. Some of the blog may annoyed you because of some stupid gadget which can spoil your mood. But not most of them. Although they don't have any comment in the post, There still always a silent reader. Reading the post. Just like you reading this post.  (thank you!)

Sometime in critical and stressful moment, I go to Terfaktab blog, just to decreasing my boring-O-meter. A pretty famous blog, which combining different writers with different genre and writing style. Some of them are romantics, some of them are anarchist and some of them are funny! That make the blog look so unique and addicted.

The most part that I like in Terfaktab are short story (KISPEN) and DIY poem, especially if the post written in English. Just check out the blog and click old posting. Hmm, I just wonder and realize, where they get super fantastic vocabulary? Even I need to google it to make sure I understand it well. Thank you terfaktab. It increase my vocabulary about 0.001%. Lols 

#Trying my best to write in English.

p/s: Reading a lot of English post make me feel something. Am I fit enough to speak and write in English?

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