We Are Malaysian! We Like To Break The Law

Today was a quite hectic day, as I have to go outside of my comfort zone, just to buy some random things as requested by my mother. I was at a merciful town, which is located in southern part of Malaysia (If you know what I mean). As I went for searching the things that my mother requested, I stumble upon with some random Malaysian who broke the laws. All scene happened in one day.

Yeah bro, Malaysian, especially those who come from rural area or Kampung like to break the laws. I know from their appearance. Rural people like to wear singlet 'cap pagoda', short pant and sometimes you can see the bulu kaki. yuks! gross!.
And another physical appearance to know, when they meet with each other who also came from the same rural area, they talk a lot and very loudly, like that person is too far away from him/her. It doesn't matter if you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or a pokemon. Those things just look the same if you are a Malaysian.

Oh ya, one more thing. They like to spit a lot. 

PUI PUI~ What a waste of saliva!

Top 5 Things That Malaysian Like To Broke The Laws:

i) Smoking in a restricted area with a "no smoking" signboard.

ii) Throwing household waste/rubbish at 'No littering' signboard.

iii)Double Parking without leaving phone number.

iv)Crossing The road without using a zebra crossline or pedestrian bridge

v)A bunch of Mamak Table at the roadside

We are Malaysian! In Malaysia, Malaysian makes the laws! Laws doesn't apply on any Malaysian, Malaysian apply their own laws by themselves.

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  1. wah wah wah memang benar kata orang. peraturan dibuat untuk dilanggar, kalau tidak ada peraturan apa yang mau dilanggar?


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