Student And Multitask

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Octopus and multitask are literally related

Imagine one day, you are attending two or three classes, and the lecturers from all of three classes give you a lot of assignments, which required you to sent all those things by tomorrow. After all those tired classes, your president club, asking you for help to do an important task. The task must be completed as soon as possible. The best things your president club suggest is, it should be completed tomorrow.

Off your phone. Stop playing Emoji for a while and sitting on a chair do the assignments and task given simultaneously.


Congratulations! Welcome to the multitask world. Where fun and pleasure doesn't exist in this part. In this part of the world, you are named as multitasker 001.

Nowadays, as a students, we are always be given a huge amount of assignments and task, and we need to endured it. You are design to be bombarded with such heavy load of things, which are needed to do. Whether you like it or not, you will find yourself in a deep pressure.

Multitask: How to do it better [ a Guide for University students]

First Things first!:
As my mom told me, arrange your work according to Super-important, Important and less important. That should be some guide for you

1.Set-up a multi to-do list.: 
If you are new to multitask, plan your work wisely by do a multi-to-do list ( a modified version of to-do list) or else, you're gonna be crazy

2.Turn off your distraction: 
Sometimes, distraction can cause your work to delayed for a certain time. Try to NOT to play facebook, games, listening music or anything that can be identified as distraction.

3.If other things come during your task?
If the things does not important to you, put them in a queue list. If it important, classified it first whether it should be in super important, important or less important.

4.Stop the work if you are in pressure.
Take a deep breath and do some stretch. Go outside for a while. If you are feel calm, continue your multitask folks! 

Don't do multitasking if you

1.Having a serious illness related to brain (e.g: Migraine, neuro-diseases,)
2.If you are not feeling well
3.Not a person that like to do work.

Your'e gonna busted yourself. Toasted!

*I wrote this based on my experience as university student. Forgive me for my bad English. 

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  1. Samalah tips yang diberikan. Paling memenatkan time thesis.

    1. thesis? gua tak merasa lagi camne nak wat tesis..heuheuheu

      tunggu gua sem 5.

  2. gua dah tinggal zaman student ni. penat dah belajar. haha..

    1. i know that feel bro.. haha

  3. Sama ler...akupun dah tinggalkan zaman student ini


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